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The Munster Cricket Union are very pleased to announce that Ted Williamson and Arslan Khalid will be joining the Munster Cricket Development Team as of the 1st of March 2021.

Ted and Arslan will work as part of the New Development Team in Munster. Ted will manage the Cork, Tipperary and Waterford clubs and schools whilst Arslan will manage the Limerick, Clare and Kerry clubs and schools 

The School and Club Engagement Officer (SCEO) will work very closely with various County Councils and local sports authorities across the province and deliver a lot of cricket-based activities within local schools and clubs. The SCEO will be in charge of connecting these schools to their local clubs and developing a pathway for new people to take up the sport of Cricket in Munster. 

The Union’s primary schools programme is a big part of an overall development programme which will see hundreds of school children introduced to cricket at weekly coaching sessions at their schools and we hope that many of these will then link up and play regularly with their local clubs. All clubs will be encouraged to have their own youth coaches involved in the school programmes which the SCEO is running in their catchment area.  

“I am delighted to announce the recruitment of 2 part-time development staff in Munster. This is a great step in the progression of the MCU. I am looking forward to working with Ted and Arslan in the coming months and years and hopefully progressing participation in the MCU.”

Joseph Moynihan
General Manager of the MCU 

Quotes from our new SCEO’s:

“I’m delighted to be part of Munsters first development team and to begin with, having two people now covering the province, can only be a step forward in a bid to grow the participation numbers. The key will be increasing the numbers of kids in youth sections and the collaboration with the clubs will be a massive part of the success of the school’s programmes.”

Ted Williamson 

“I am delighted and I am extremely privileged to be selected for this Engagement Officer position. I am very happy to say yes to the role and looking forward to working with MCU. I will be doing my best to promote cricket in Limerick, Clare and Kerry. I am very excited to work around cricket.”

Arslan Khalid

More recruitment to come in the coming days from the MCU with a part-time Operations Officer role and a Munster Head Coach & Pathways Manager role to be advertised.

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