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DUBLIN – Cricket Ireland, in partnership with the five Provincial Unions around Ireland, is today launching its first-ever national survey that will help drive forward the future of cricket across Ireland – from grassroots to representative, as well as the fans perspective on the game. We would also like to hear from those not connected to the sport to get their views on cricket and any barriers to participation or interest that exist.

The Big Irish Cricket Survey is an initiative of Cricket Ireland, in conjunction with Cricket Leinster, Munster Cricket, North West Cricket Union, Northern Cricket Union and Connacht Cricket Union – with a range of questions tailored to capture the views, interests and data that will underpin future growth plans for the sport.

In April 2021, Cricket Ireland released its new Strategic Plan 2021-2023 that identified the need to collate more nationally-focused data to support both the work of sourcing funding and distributing limited resources in an effective way to grow the game.

The Survey

The survey is now live and available at:

“The Grassroots Cricket Committee is keen to ensure that every cricket voice from every cricket club, school or organisation on the island is heard. Players, coaches, umpires, fans and volunteers from every level are asked to contribute to help us better understand the needs on the ground and ensure our game can flourish in the years ahead – that is why it is so important that we undertake a survey like this.  

If you have a view about Cricket on this island please take a few moments to help Irish cricket by completing this survey.”

Andrew Fleming
Chair of Cricket Ireland’s Grassroots Cricket Committee

“The Big Irish Cricket Survey is part of Cricket Ireland’s current strategic objectives that aim to consolidate the gains of recent years, invest in grassroots, grow the women’s game and ensure we are as diverse, inclusive and welcoming a sport as any.

“A call-out within our strategy is to find that much-needed balance between grassroots and elite cricket, to ensure we can continue to drive forward on solid foundations. The survey encourages the cricket community to actively input on aspects of the recreational game and have an influence on its future development. It’s vital that our recreational game continues to grow so we have healthy clubs who can nurture the next generation of players, coaches and volunteers.

“That’s why we want to hear from players of all ages and people actively involved in local cricket clubs including coaches, umpires, scorers and volunteers, and we want to hear from the fans of our game – and people with a passing interest in cricket – about how we can make our game stronger.”

Elaine Nolan
Participation Director at Cricket Ireland

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