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Well-attended Extraordinary and Annual General Meetings of the Munster Cricket Union CLG took place virtually on Sunday, 10th January 2021, during which the 2020 Annual Report was presented.  

The Extraordinary General Meeting approved changes to the Articles of Association of the Company relating to the terms of office of the President and Chairperson.

The Annual General Meeting considered a comprehensive Annual Report for 2020 which consisted of the Chairperson’s Report, Secretary’s Report, Treasurer’s Report, and General Manager’s Report together with reports from the Cricket Operations Committee, Commercial Committee and on youth and representative cricket.

The key role of the Club Covid Officers in enabling the 2020 season be completed was noted with thanks from all. General Manager, Joe Moynihan, updated the meeting regarding current plans for 2021 which include recruitment of development officers and significant expansion of work in schools throughout Munster.

Another key focus will be on assisting clubs improve their structures and facilities. Munster Cricket is very encouraged by the level of interest from potential new clubs and there is a significant focus on working with County Councils and Local Sports Partnerships to help these clubs get established.  Much of this development work was delayed by the impact of Covid in 2020 and it is fully recognised by Munster Cricket that the amount of progress possible in 2021 will depend on how Covid impacts on sport and the wider community in the coming months.

2021 Munster Cricket Board

Following agreement of the report of the Nominations Committee by the member clubs, the Board of Munster Cricket will comprise of the following for 2021:

  • Kuros Mohammadi (President)
  • David Griffin (Chairperson)
  • Chris Hickey (Secretary)
  • Bryan O’Donnell (Treasurer)
  • Ben Huskinson
  • Talha Kayani
  • Catherina Lane
  • Brian McNamara
  • Christine Moloney
  • Joe O’Mahony

The Board intends to fill two vacancies in the coming weeks. Munster Cricket is currently setting up a Clubs Committee and the Chair of that committee will be appointed to the Board. The Board is also seeking to appoint an additional director from clubs outside the Cork area.

Gratitude was expressed for the long service and significant contributions to Munster Cricket from the two retiring directors being Michael Hickey and Jack Filen.

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