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The four core squads have been selected for the men’s Inter-Provincial Series 2021, with training set to begin in March (Covid-19 restrictions permitting).

As part of last week’s announcement on Inter-Provincial Series improvements for the new season, it was announced that both the 50-over and T20 competitions would now consist of four teams – Leinster Lightning, Munster Reds, North West Warriors and Northern Knights.

As part of this move, and to seek a best v best outcome that will raise the quality and competitiveness of the competition, the squad selection process for the four teams has been changed.

Under the approved changes:

  • The Chair of National Men’s Selectors and National Head Coach will work closely with the Provincial Union Head Coaches to select a core squad of 12 players for each team. Provincial Unions will then add additional local players as and when they see fit. Matchday squads will continue to be selected by local Provincial Union selectors.
  • The selectors will adopt a selection policy that, as far as possible, balances the need to strengthen the tournament against ensuring the strength of Provincial Union identity.
  • A new player loan system will be put in place for 2021, allowing for teams who have injuries and exceptional circumstances around player availability, to take on loan a player of suitable quality and skill-set which they may not have locally.


  1. Curtis Campher
  2. Aaron Cawley
  3. Murray Commins
  4. Gareth Delany
  5. Greg Ford
  6. Matt Ford
  7. Fionn Hand
  8. Tyrone Kane
  9. Seamus Lynch
  10. Cormac McLoughlin-Gavin
  11. Neil Rock
  12. Amish Sidhu

NB: Munster Reds still to announce captain.

“To be frank, I have to say I couldn’t wait for last Inter-Pro season to be finished. Due to a bad run of weather, the Reds only played two games – we never really got started in either, and they seemed to be over before they even got going, which can be the nature of T20 matches at times.”

“While we haven’t been able to do any physical training during the off-season due to lockdown, we’re very much looking forward to having the new training hubs up and running, and I imagine we’ll have plenty of contact time during our first season together as a largely new squad.”

“The hope with the new set-up is that we’ll see a lot more competitive matches, which is what the players, coaches, selectors – and indeed, fans – need. To be sharp and to improve their games, the players need to experience more pressurised environments come game time and the new squads will help in that regard. There will be more responsibility on some players due to certain roles that they will be asked to play, and also when it comes to the leadership side of things.”

“The new emerging competition will certainly offer the local Munster guys a shop window in which to stake a claim for places, and from a Munster perspective, that’s key for us and our own development. Also, for some of our younger lads, and the lads who are new enough to inter-pro cricket, to get the chance to play with some of the senior Ireland guys would be invaluable from an experience, and this can only help in any number of ways.”

“We’re looking forward to the new season, and I’ve no doubt the lads will all be eager for the challenge of being part of a brand new Munster side. I think if we can get ourselves into positions where we can win games as much as possible then that would be a great start. Obviously, it’s hard to convert those opportunities every time, but to be in those positions regularly would be a great indicator of how we’re performing.”

Ted Williamson
Munster Reds Head Coach

The new Inter-Provincial Series for 2021 is set to begin in early May and ending in September. Dates and fixture lists will be released in due course. A season launch for the 2021 home season will be held in April.

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