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The Munster Cricket Board met online on Monday the 11th of April, 2021. All Board members were present at the meeting.

The main business of the meeting was the review of the latest draft of the Strategic Plan for 2021-23. Following discussions, the Board approved the format and content of the Plan and congratulated the Strategic Plan Working Group on the significant amount of work done. The report will now go into a final design stage and the target for publication was agreed for the first week in May.

General Manager, Joe Moynihan, updated the meeting on a range of activities including the squad selection for the Munster Heat, planned training arrangements for the Heat and Reds squads while noting that Covid issues have caused some disruption to the planned arrangements. 

He noted the recruitment of John Buss to the position of Operations Officer and John will take up his position at the end of April. The launch of the Smash It and It’s Wicket national participation programmes was noted and it was agreed that these programmes will provide a further boost to the growth of the game across Munster.

In their report, the Operations Committee noted the successful launch of the player registration system with over 200 players registered to date. The recent release of the Return to Training Protocols for youth cricket was noted and confirmed that these will apply from 26 April. The recommendation from the Clubs Committee that clubs be billed for umpires every month was agreed upon.

Arising from the IT briefing from Talha Kayani and the Commercial Committee report, there was a detailed discussion regarding possibilities of generating income from advertising on our website and the production of an E-Brochure for use in discussions with potential sponsors. There are also plans in train to establish a regular newsletter and publish podcasts of interviews with Munster Cricket personnel, club captains and members of the Reds squad.

The next Board meeting will take place on the 10th of May, 2021 at which time it is hoped there will be clarity around arrangements to return to play and the structure of the 2021 season.

David Griffin,


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