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The Board of Munster Cricket met on Thursday, 23rd April, using Google Hangouts to communicate and all Board members participated in the call. The Munster Cricket Board acknowledges the challenges that COVID-19 presents for us all and hopes that all of us making up the Munster Cricket Community are staying safe and well.


The Board discussed at some length the difficulties involved in scheduling the 2020 season. General Manager, Joe Moynihan shared his perspectives based on his communications with Cricket Ireland management and his colleagues in the other Unions. Joe O’Mahony, on behalf of the Operations committee, shared their thinking on options depending on when it may be safe to start the season.

We will continue to work closely with Cricket Ireland and the other Unions to implement a consistent policy across Ireland to this year’s cricket season. If and when cricket starts, the Munster Cricket Board is clear that the safety of players, umpires, scorers and volunteers must be paramount in all decision making. The Board is also clear that any Government guidelines must be followed in full.


Following approval of the Cricket Ireland budget for 2020 at its April Board meeting, the funding available to Munster for 2020 has been confirmed. This covers staff costs, overheads and development funding and is broadly comparable with 2019. Following Munster’s incorporation, the non-pay elements of this funding are remitted to Munster on a monthly basis and are managed directly by us.

The process of incorporating this funding into the overall Munster budget is ongoing and the outstanding work awaits decisions on the length and format of the season which impacts on decisions on affiliation and registration fees and on direct cricket costs.

It is anticipated that Cricket Ireland will provide COVID-19 assistance later this summer but the Board reviewed options to assist clubs in Munster in the short term and it is planned to contact clubs in this regard as soon as possible.

Cricket Development

The Board considered proposals put forward by General Manager, Joe Moynihan, to put a structure of part time development officers and a part time operations support officer in place having regard to the development funding available to us for 2020. This would represent a starting point from which expanded roles can be put in place when more funding becomes available.

The Board approved in principle the recruitment of two part time development officers and a part time operations support officer. One development officer will serve the Limerick /Kerry /Clare region and the other Cork/Waterford/Tipperary. Work will continue refining the job specifications and financial packages with a view to advertising the roles later this summer.


Committee terms of reference and several policy documents were approved by the Board and will be placed on the website in due course. These will remain subject to regular review and will be updated as and when necessary.

Strategic Planning 2021-23

The group appointed at the previous meeting to progress this have started some initial work and are currently carrying out a review of the progress made with the plan for the 2017-20 period.

Other Information

It was noted that several Munster based players will feature in the Cricket Ireland DIY Cricket initiative in the coming days and weeks. Plans are also in train to develop content on the Munster website and social media to maintain interest and involvement while we await the return of cricket activity.

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