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Munster Cricket Closes out 2022 and Looks Forward to a Huge 2023 Season

As the province commences the annual Christmas Holiday shut down, with the kids looking forward to a fortnight off school and the wider #MunsterCricketFamily contemplating seasons past, let’s take a quick look at the season to come.

2023 promises to be the biggest programme in the Union’s history as we build on our growing numbers of players and teams across the province.

All clubs have made their initial entries for the Munster competitions and the operations team are well into the planning logistics of a framework of nine tiers of adult and youth cricket across both short and longer format games.

We expect players numbers to grow once we open the registration window, with the opportunity to play for 13 clubs in all six counties of the ‘Cricket Province’. 2023 will also see the return of the Schools Championships with the likelihood of some institutions taking part for the first time.

The Draft 2023 Competition Programme

Knockout Cups

The Chris Fellowes Senior Cup (50 Overs)

The Percy Harris Junior Cup (45 Overs)

The Dennis Mackintosh Minor Cup (40 Overs)

Limited Over League Championships

The Premier League: The Pike Cup (50 Overs)

Division 1 League: The Elvery Cup (45 Overs)

Division 2 League: The Minor League Cup (40 Overs)

Division 3 League: The Division Three Cup (40 Overs)

Division 4 League: The Division Four Cup (30 Overs) 

U15 Super League: The Denis Ryan Cup (30 Overs)

U13 Super League: The Giltinan Youth Cup (25 Overs)

T20 Championships

Premier T20 Blast: President’s Shield (Single round league)

Division 1 Blast: Chair’s Shield (East & West leagues/festival final)

Division 2 Blast: Minor T20 Shield (East & West leagues/festival final)

Division 3 Blast: Division 3 Shield (East & West leagues/festival final)

Division 4 Blast: Division 4 Shield (Triple round league)

U17 Blast: Senior Youth Shield (Double round league)

U15 Blast: Chris Fellowes Youth Cup (Double round league)

U13 Blast: Junior Youth Shield (Double round league)

All Irelands (Final details to be confirmed)

AIT20: Winner of the 2023 Premier T20 Blast

ISC/INC: 2022 Premier League Teams

AIU15: Winner of the 2023 U15 Super League

AIU13: Winner of the 2023 U13 Super League

A word on the Silverware above.  We are a historic Provincial Union and trophies named above have decades of past glory engraved on them. Our traditions have been established over the last 100 years, with trophies being donated in memory of or by notable servants of the game in Munster.  The latest fitting addition to this list was the youth cup donated in memory of the late Dermot Giltinan. As we expand our competitions, the opportunity to add to our history is there.

Tonight will see the start of our next historical instalment with the draw taking place for our knockout cup competitions. The eagerly anticipated opening rounds to be announced shortly.

There are inevitably going to be some logistical and procedural changes that will see the Union striving to improve our standards and the delivery of Munster Cricket in 2023. We are training more coaches, umpires, scorers, but we still need more individuals to get involved to manage the growth projected above.

A huge thanks to all who made 2022 the success it was. The volunteers, club and provincial union officials that work together to make it all happen. The sponsors that help finance and facilitate our activities.

Finally… Thank you to the players.  The Spirit of Cricket is alive and thriving in Munster as we go forward into 2023.

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