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MCU Premier Division
Round 4
Cork County CC 1st XI4100332392%
County Galway CC 1st XI3200114182%
Limerick CC 1st XI2110162652%
Cork Harlequins CC 1st XI3110142448%
County Kerry CC 1st XI302016612%
Midleton CC 1st XI30102050%
MCU Division 1
Round 4
Limerick CC 2nd XI4300176789%
Cork Harlequins CC 2nd XI4210184864%
Limerick Blasters CC 1st XI42200135353%
Cork County CC 2nd XI3110152550%
Midleton CC 2nd XI3110102550%
County Kerry CC 2nd XI3110102040%
Nenagh CC 1st XI4120192939%
UCC CC 1st XI302010510%
Clare CC 1st XI40103030%
MCU Division 2A
Round 4
Limerick Blasters CC 2nd XI2100142496%
Cork County CC 3rd XI2100122288%
Nenagh CC 2nd XI3110162652%
United Cricket Clonmel 1st XI20101228%
Limerick CC 3rd XI30102114%
MCU Division 2B
Round 4
Midleton CC 3rd XI3100232392%
Cork Harlequins CC 3rd XI2100102080%
Waterford & District CC 1st XI201015520%
Clare CC 2nd XI20101228%
County Kerry CC 3rd XI30003000%
MCU Division 3A
Round 4
Cork Harlequins CC 4th XI3100232392%
United Cricket Clonmel 2nd XI32100105067%
Cork County CC 4th XI2110062652%
Limerick Blasters CC 3rd XI4110242448%
Limerick CC 4th XI20101228%
MCU Division 3B
Round 4
Nenagh CC 3rd XI2200094998%
Clare CC 3rd XI2110052550%
Midleton CC 4th XI2110042448%
Cork Harlequins CC 5th XI20200224%
Lismore CC 1st XI00000000%

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