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The New Munster Cricket Board met in a hybrid model on Wednesday March 20th, for its first meeting for 2023. Most members were present and the Chairperson, Richard Brewster, welcomed new directors Benjamin Martin (Secretary),Thomas Maxfield, Sukhi Kaur, Maria Van de Munckhof and Thomas Raju to their first meeting.

Maria Van de Munckhof was elected Chair to lead the Women and girls board introducing a new position for the board. Maria will be tasked with leading and expanding women’s cricket across Munster.

General Manager, Joe Moynihan, presented the draft of the budget for Munster Cricket for 2024 which was approved. An unexpected drop in ICC funding to Cricket Ireland was noted to have a knock on effect. It is noted that there is a heavy reliance on funding from cricket Ireland. The budget for the upcoming season noted that development officers were being hired to work with clubs and schools with the aim of improving our youth system. A new bookkeeper is being hired to work alongside the new treasurer who will be appointed soon.

Pathways and Participation Committee Chair Tom Maxfield gave his report for the plan for youth cricket for 2024. He noted that fixtures had been finalised after working alongside Joe O’Mahony from the fixtures committee. Over the coming seasons it is hoped that more clubs will set up youth teams.

The board noted that the Commercial committee had been defunct for a number of years. The board decided that a fresh approach should be taken with sponsorship and advertising and a new commercial committee should be set up to try and drive some revenue. 

The role of the clubs committee was looked at. It noted that the committee hadn’t met in two years and the tasks that were set aside for this committee have been absorbed elsewhere. The need of the clubs committee is to be discussed at a further date noting it was a possible voice for all clubs across the province.

Club engagement was discussed as it was felt that many clubs felt that they didn’t have any say or input into the decisions made by committees. Engagement and updates were to be looked at the keep clubs in the loop with ongoings

An Extraordinary General meeting has been scheduled to change the constitution. Wording must be changed in the constitution to allow the company to become a tax exempt organisation. This EGM is set for Tuesday, April 9th

The next board meeting has been set for Wednesday, April 17th

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