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 In a significant step towards bolstering cricket training and development in the region, the Munster Cricket Union (MCU) has acquired the Bola Merlyn spin bowling machine. This cutting-edge technology will provide cricketers of all levels with access to high-quality spin bowling practice, fostering their skills and preparing them for competitive matches.

The Bola Merlyn is a sophisticated spin bowling machine renowned for its precise delivery and versatility. It can replicate a wide range of spin bowling techniques, including leg spin, off spin, and doosra, allowing batters to hone their reflexes and shot-making abilities against simulated spin bowling scenarios.

The MCU’s investment in the Bola Merlyn reflects its commitment to providing players with the best possible training facilities and opportunities. The machine will be utilised by the Munster Heat and Munster youth squads, ensuring that Munster cricketers have access to this advanced training tool.

Ted Williamson, Munster pathway Manager said “ Year after year our batters (like most) are challenged by pace and high quality spin bowlers. The Merlyn is a potential game changer for us here in Munster as we will now be able to train with a higher level of challenge and therefore develop our batters skills in a more match relevant context in all environments across the pathway. Huge credit has to go to the MCU for investing in the Merlyn which will allow our players and coaches increase the level of training outcomes against all types of spin “ 

General Manager at Munster Cricket Joe Moynihan said it was a” tremendous addition to the development of the game in Munster, and we all at Munster cricket would like to thank Cork City Council for access to the Sports Capital Grant scheme for support in acquiring the Merlyn”.

The arrival of the Bola Merlyn coincides with the MCU’s ongoing efforts to promote cricket participation and growth in Munster. The union has implemented various initiatives, including introductory cricket programs, coaching clinics, and competitive tournaments, to attract new players and foster a passion for the sport.

Special thanks to Cork County Council who have donated €8,000 towards the purchase of the €17,000 machine.

With the addition of the Bola Merlyn, the MCU is confident that it can further elevate the standard of cricket in Munster, empowering players to reach their full potential and contribute to the region’s cricketing success.

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