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In Ireland, the future of cricket is looking bright, and a big part of that is thanks to programs like On the Front FootThis initiative is designed to empower women from all corners of the cricketing world, from players and volunteers to scorers and committee members.

On the Front Foot isn’t just about teaching new skills; it’s about taking the existing talents and experience of these women and helping them reach the next level. The program equips them to make an even greater impact on the game they love.

This year, Munster was well-represented by Dr. Rashi Mukhopadhayay (Cork County Cricket Club), Saadia Mahmood (Limerick Cricket Club), and Deepika Ranganatha (Galway Cricket Club). Sukhi Byrne was also fortunate to be invited to the program’s final day, Sukhi was on the course last year and was brought in as a mentor to bring her experience from last year with others to share their own cricket journey since graduating in 2022/23 and had the opportunity to meet the inspiring new graduates. The Irish cricket community is confident that these women will have a positive influence on the future of Irish cricket.

The On the Front Foot program is a fantastic example of how cricket in Ireland is fostering future leaders from all walks of life. By empowering women and providing them with the tools they need to succeed, On the Front Foot is paving the way for a brighter cricketing future for all throughout the Island of Ireland.

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